Product showcase: ImmuniWeb AI Platform

ImmuniWeb is a global application security company that currently serves over 1,000 customers from more than 50 countries. ImmuniWeb AI Platform has received numerous prestigious awards and industry recognitions for intelligent automation and acceleration of application security testing, which delivers better quality of testing and faster results for a more competitive price. ImmuniWeb’s AI technology received its first award back in 2019, and has received over 10 international awards for technical excellence and innovation in 2023 alone.

It is crucial to highlight, however, that AI is not magic and has its limitations. Despite the spiraling hype over AI, triggered by the launch of ChatGPT and its now-mushrooming competitors, the current state of Machine Learning and AI does not allow security vendors to fully replace human intelligence and entirely automate penetration testing without loss of quality or reliability of testing. Tellingly, governmental regulators, in charge of enforcing cybersecurity and privacy laws, consistently require a manual component in each penetration test for compliance purposes. This is why ImmuniWeb, while continually improving its AI technology, always performs expert testing by human professionals for all its penetration testing projects.

ImmuniWeb AI Platform offers web and mobile penetration tests that one can easily configure, schedule and launch in few minutes. Among the key elements of ImmuniWeb’s value proposition for application penetration testing are:

  • Full coverage of OWASP WSTG or MASTG with advanced manual and AI-enhanced testing
  • 24/7 access to security analysts for any questions about exploitation or remediation
  • Unlimited patch verification re-tests to ensure that all findings are fixed
  • Zero false positives SLA with contractual money-back guarantee
  • Over 50 CI/CD and DevSecOps integrations

To launch your web application or API penetration test, you just need to provide the target URLs. Of course, you have a full stack of easily customizable options of testing that include configuration of authenticated testing with multiple user roles with any MFA/SSO/OTP support, custom methodology of penetration testing or reporting requirements, and specific timing and scope limitations of testing to avoid impact on your production environment:

ImmuniWeb AI Platform

Once your web penetration test is configured, you can schedule it for any convenient date and time, while selecting when your penetration testing report will be ready. During the entire penetration test time frame, you have unlimited 24/7 access to the penetration testers in charge of your project either by email or via the interactive multiuser portal with custom alerts and notifications. Finally, you get your penetration testing report as a user-friendly and customizable dashboard, as well as in PDF and many other formats for one-click export:

ImmuniWeb AI Platform

For mobile penetration testing, the process is even easier. You just upload your mobile app and proceed to the scheduling step. Notably, each mobile pentest by default includes a manual penetration test of the mobile binary (.ipa or .apk) and of the mobile backend (APIs and other endpoints where mobile apps sends or receives data from). As the most critical and easily exploitable vulnerabilities in your mobile app commonly reside in its backend, this feature can be a life saver. In addition to the comprehensive mobile security assessment, you can also verify whether your mobile app defenses, such as custom SSL-pinning mechanism or source code obfuscation, are bypassable:

ImmuniWeb AI Platform

Similar to the web application pentest, the mobile penetration testing report provides comprehensive vulnerability remediation guidelines, manually verified exploits for each vulnerability. You also have 24/7 access to ImmuniWeb security analysts for assistance with remediation or prioritization of patching that can be also performed with WAF rulesets for the mobile backend vulnerabilities:

ImmuniWeb AI Platform

To ensure that web and mobile penetration testing is performed in a risk-based and threat-aware manner, ImmuniWeb AI Platform also provides additional services:

ImmuniWeb AI Platform

Upon completion of each pentest, you can request a penetration testing certificate that you may share with external auditors, regulators, clients or investors. Additionally, all ImmuniWeb clients can regularly attend interactive webinars that are dedicated to shaping of your penetration testing strategy, implementation of compliance considerations and regulatory requirements into it, and reducing penetration testing costs by well-thought-out schedule and scope of testing.

Pricing of ImmuniWeb web and mobile penetration testing is flexible and depends on the application size and complexity. For example, the number of dynamic pages, user roles, or third-party-hosted APIs that you wish to include into the scope. Red teaming options, such as cloud pivoting after compromising a web application hosted in a cloud environment, are also available. Any penetration testing project can be paid either online with a credit card or via a bank wire.

You can request your free pentest quote for any project and talk to ImmuniWeb presales engineers to ensure that your scoping and methodology will cover your compliance requirements, and satisfy your needs and expectations.

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