PoC exploit for critical Fortra FileCatalyst MFT vulnerability released (CVE-2024-25153)

Proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit code for a critical RCE vulnerability (CVE-2024-25153) in Fortra FileCatalyst MFT solution has been published.

CVE-2024-25153 PoC exploit

About CVE-2024-25153

Fortra FileCatalyst is an enterprise managed file transfer (MFT) software solution that includes several components: FileCatalyst Direct, Workflow, and Central.

CVE-2024-25153 is a directory traversal vulnerability in FileCatalyst Workflow’s web portal that could allow a remote authenticated threat actor to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable servers.

“A directory traversal within the ‘ftpservlet’ of the FileCatalyst Workflow Web Portal allows files to be uploaded outside of the intended ‘uploadtemp’ directory with a specially crafted POST request. In situations where a file is successfully uploaded to web portal’s DocumentRoot, specially crafted JSP files could be used to execute code, including web shells,” the company noted in the advisory.

The vulnerability was first discovered in August 2023 and patched a few days later in the FileCatalyst version 5.1.6 Build 114, but had no CVE identifier at the time.

The identifier was assigned after Fortra became a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) in December 2023.

The company and Tom Wedgbury, the security researcher that discovered and reported the flaw, planned its coordinated disclosure in March 2024.

CVE-2024-25153 PoC exploit released

Fortra’s security advisory and Wedgbury’s blog post with technical details and the PoC have been published on Wednesday.

There are currently no indications of the vulnerability being exploited in the wild, but organizations are nevertheless advised to apply the available patch (if they haven’t already).

When a PoC for a critical authentication bypass vulnerability (CVE-2024-0204) in Fortra’s GoAnywhere MFT solution was recently made public, exploit attempts began soon after.

In late January 2023, the Cl0p ransomware group leveraged a zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2023-0669) in the same solution, and stole data of over 130 victim organizations.

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