Kali Linux 2024.2 released: 18 new tools, countless updates

Kali Linux 2024.2 is now available. It includes future package compatibility for 32-bit platforms, improvements to GNOME 46 and Xfce, and 18 new tools.

Kali Linux 2024.2

Desktop changes

Kali 2024.2 introduces GNOME 46, offering a refined experience that builds on the enhancements from previous versions.

The Xfce desktop has undergone specific changes for Kali-Undercover and HiDPI modes. These updates improve stability and include several minor bug fixes, ensuring better support for the latest desktop features.

New tools in Kali Linux 2024.2

Numerous packages have been updated to the latest version. However, here is a summary of the new tools that have been added to the network repositories:

  • autorecon – Multi-threaded network reconnaissance tool
  • coercer – Automatically coerce a Windows server to authenticate on an arbitrary machine
  • dploot – Python rewrite of SharpDPAPI
  • getsploit – Command line utility for searching and downloading exploits
  • gowitness – Web screenshot utility using Chrome Headless
  • horst – Highly Optimized Radio Scanning Tool
  • ligolo-ng – Advanced, yet simple, tunneling/pivoting tool that uses a TUN interface
  • mitm6 – pwning IPv4 via IPv6
  • netexec – Network service exploitation tool that helps automate assessing the security of large networks
  • pspy – Monitor Linux processes without root permissions
  • pyinstaller – Converts (packages) Python programs into stand-alone executables.
  • pyinstxtractor – PyInstalller Extractor
  • sharpshooter – Payload Generation Framework
  • sickle – Payload development tool
  • snort – Flexible Network Intrusion Detection System
  • sploitscan – Search for CVE information
  • vopono – Run applications through VPN tunnels with temporary network namespaces
  • waybackpy – Access Wayback Machine’s API using Python

Kali NetHunter updates

There have been also a few improvements to Kali NetHunter over the last few months, such as:

  • Support for Android 14
  • Modules loader
  • Class selection for Bad Bluetooth
  • Improved permission and root validations
  • Bluetooth rubberducky support
  • Various fixes

With all of this, 5x new NetHunter kernels covering:

  • Huawei P9 for LineageOS 16
  • Nothing Phone 1 for Android 12, 13 & 14
  • Poco F3 for Android 14

Kali ARM SBC updates

Kali on ARM Single Board Computer (SBC) devices has also received a few changes:

  • Gateworks Newport kernel updated to 5.15
  • Raspberry Pi 5 kernel updated to 6.1.77

Kali Linux 2024.2 is available for free download here. For those who are new to Kali Linux, you may not be aware that weekly builds are also available.

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