Protecting identity in a world of deepfakes and social engineering

In this Help Net Security video round-up, security experts discuss various aspects of identity verification and security, including generative AI’s impact, the state of identity fraud prevention, and the potential impact of identity challenges on the security sector.

Complete videos

  • Peter Violaris, Head of Legal, Compliance and Risk, EMEA for OCR Labs, discusses generative AI’s impact on identity verification.
  • Patrick Harding, Chief Architect at Ping Identity, discusses the state of identity fraud prevention.
  • Michelle Alvarez, Strategic Threat Analysis Manager at IBM X-Force, discusses the 2024 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, revealing top threats and trends the team observed last year across its global engagements and how these shifts are forming the threat landscape in 2024 and beyond.
  • Bojan Simic, CEO of HYPR, offers insights on how identity challenges could impact the identity security sector amid shifting threats in the first half of the new year.
  • Jenn Markey, VP of Payments and Identities at Entrust, talks about how biometrics, hybrid solutions, and decentralized identity are transforming the industry and the future of identity verification.

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