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Top 10 technologies for information security and their implications

Gartner highlighted the top 10 technologies for information security and their implications for security organizations in 2016. “Information security teams and …

O'Reilly DevOpsSec
Review: DevOpsSec

About the author Jim Bird, CTO of a major US-based institutional alternative trading system, has more than 20 years of experience in financial services technology, including …

Strengthen security during production and development

Applications have become the heart of many businesses, with millions of dollars allocated to their development and millions of dollars in revenue associated with their …

Companies are hungry for professional open source talent

Recruiting open source talent is a top priority for hiring managers focused on recruiting technology talent, and recruiters are increasingly looking for more professional …

How do you ensure success with DevOps?

Only 20 percent of organizations that have attempted to implement DevOps have fully deployed it, according to CA Technologies. Research also found that these …

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