Cybersecurity teams gear up for tougher challenges in 2024

In this Help Net Security video, Tom Gorup, VP of Security Services at Edgio, discusses the continually changing threat landscape. It is riddled with vulnerabilities that are frequently exploited and only intensify as geopolitics and state-sponsored activity increase.

Key highlights from the Edgio Q1 2024 Attack Trends Report include:

API sprawl – Researchers identified 1.7 million APIs in March alone–creating an uncharted network of ‘shadow’ and ‘zombie’ APIs that operate behind the scenes of many enterprise applications. Attacks targeting JSON and XML content types accounted for 38% of the blocks observed, highlighting attackers’ focus on APIs.

The use of AI to scale threat intelligence, and ultimately patching and protection. Edgio’s own AI scoured through over 40,000 news articles from 2,000+ news sources and identified over 3,000 unique mentions of CVEs.

Operational Relay Box Networks, or ORB networks, are gaining traction among nation-state actors and amateur hackers alike. The data from Q1 suggests attackers continue using residential network connections to conceal and conduct their attacks.

Edgio discovered over 1.3 million unique bots in Q1 2024 and increased blocking against bots operated by major companies like Google (43%) and Yandex (14%). This reflects a heightened effort by website administrators to protect their content and user data. It highlights a use case for bot management solutions: blocking benign bots that seem to ignore robots.txt files or website policy.

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