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Remote work: One of the legacies of the pandemic

An expectation on the part of workers that they will be allowed to work remotely more often will be one of the legacies of the pandemic, according to a study by Boston …

5G networks to incite job growth and boost GDP

5G networks could create about 4.5 million jobs in the US and add roughly $1.5 trillion to the country’s GDP, according to BCG. The analysis shows that 5G will …

Five critical success factors for the 5G economy

Policymakers should focus on five critical success factors in order to ensure the US continues to build its emerging 5G economy, according to a report from Boston Consulting …

How to maintain or improve employee productivity in virtual or hybrid workplaces

Productivity can be maintained surprisingly well in a virtual or hybrid workplaces, according to BCG. Employees are open to hybrid workplaces The survey, conducted in the US, …

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