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Veeam acquires Coveware to boost its ransomware protection capabilities

Veeam Software announced the acquisition of Coveware, a provider in cyber-extortion incident response. It brings ransomware recovery and first responder capabilities to …

ransomware payments
Ransomware in Q1 2024: Frequency, size of payments trending downwards, SMBs beware!

More organizations hit by ransomware gangs are starting to realize that it doesn’t pay to pay up: “In Q1 2024, the proportion of victims that chose to pay touched …

Has the MOVEit hack paid off for Cl0p?

The number of known Cl0p victims resulting from its Memorial Day attack on vulnerable internet-facing MOVEit Transfer installations has surpassed 420, according to IT market …

Ransomware gangs are hitting roadblocks, but aren’t stopping (yet)

Ransomware attacks are in decline, according to reports by several cybersecurity companies. Why is that? More effort for less pay In its mid-year 2022 Cyber Threat Report, …

More organizations are paying the ransom. Why?

Most organizations (71%) have been hit by ransomware in 2021, and most of those (63%) opted for paying the requested ransom, the 2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report (CDR) by the …

endpoint protection
Endpoint complexities leaving sensitive data at risk

Absolute Software announced key findings from its report which shines a light on key trends affecting enterprise data and device security, and underscores the dangers of …

Q1 2021 ransomware trends: Most attacks involved threat to leak stolen data

The vast majority of ransomware attacks now include the theft of corporate data, Coveware says, but victims of data exfiltration extortion have very little to gain by paying a …

Paying a ransom to prevent leaking of stolen data is a risky gamble

Ransomware groups have realized that their tactics are also very effective for targeting larger enterprises, and this resulted in a 31% increase of the average ransom payment …

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