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Playing the blame game: Breaking down cybersecurity attribution

Attributing the adversary behind a cyber attack ranks as perhaps the hardest challenge in all of cyber security, well beyond securing networks from intrusions, for the simple …

Disttrack wiper malware hits Saudi Arabia’s aviation agency

Shamoon attackers with their Disttrack wiper malware have hit Saudi Arabian entities again. The Saudi government confirmed the latest breaches on Thursday, and for now the …

Dyn DDoS attack: The aftermath

On October 21, New Hampshire-based Internet performance management company Dyn suffered the largest DDoS attack ever to be registered. The attacks – there were three, in …

Yahoo breach was not state-sponsored, researchers claim

The massive 2014 Yahoo breach isn’t the work of state-sponsored hackers as the company has claimed to believe, say researchers from identity protection and threat …

Leaked hacking tools can be tied to NSA’s Equation Group

The batch of data released by the Shadow Brokers, an entity that claims to have hacked the Equation Group, contains attack tools that can be tied to the group. Equation Group …

Author of potentially malicious OS X Pirrit adware discovered

An unnamed web developer working for Israeli marketing and advertising company TargetingEdge is the creator of the Pirrit adware targeting Mac machines, Cybereason security …

SWIFT warns of new attacks, Bangladesh Bank heist linked to Sony hack

SWIFT, the organization that provides banks with a secure network for sending and receiving information about financial transactions, has sent out a warning about a malware …

DARPA calls for help to improve cyber attack attribution

Reliable cyber attack attribution is currently almost impossible, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wants to find a solution for that problem. To that …

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