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online fraud
Online fraud can cost you more than money

Online fraud is a pervasive and constantly evolving threat that affects individuals and organizations worldwide. Online fraudsters often leverage the anonymity and convenience …

Deduce raises $9 million to tackle AI-generated identity fraud

Deduce has raised $9 million in funding led by Freestyle Capital, with additional investment by Foundry and True Ventures. The funding will launch Deduce’s GenAI Identity …

Identifying key areas for fraud risk during the recession

As economic pressure increases, so does fraud risk. While the world slides into a recession, the resulting increased debt, supply chain delays, and inflation create increased …

Slow deployment is hampering fraud prevention. What gives?

In May, Okta finalized its acquisition of Auth0 for $6.5 billion. Every company loves to add a shiny new toy to its arsenal, but this move sent a clear message to enterprise …

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