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Gmail & Yahoo DMARC rollout: When cyber compliance gives a competitive edge

The essence of cybersecurity is not just about defense but enabling business through trust and reliability. As Gmail and Yahoo take steps to enforce stricter email …

Insurance companies neglect basic email security

Only 3.54% of of insurance companies have correctly implemented basic phishing and spoofing protection, according to EasyDMARC. DMARC standard adoption Insurers operate using …

Why organizations shouldn’t fold to cybercriminal requests

Organizations worldwide pay ransomware fees instead of implementing solutions to protect themselves. The ransom is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the damage a …

EasyDMARC closes investment round to accelerate its growth for the next 12 months

EasyDMARC is providing the solution to prevent a global pandemic of cyber fraud. Losses from cyberattacks are projected to account for $30 trillion by 2025, 95% of which is a …

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