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Gamification can redefine the cybersecurity demo experience

Lead generation is the easy part of the sales cycle. Marketing activities, sales enablement tools, events, and so on should create the perfect environment that allows sales …

Social media feed simulator Fakey teaches users to recognize credible content

As people around the world increasingly get their news from social media, online misinformation has emerged as an area of great concern. Social media feed simulator Fakey To …

Fortnite is coming to Android, but malicious fake apps are already there

Android users eager to play the increasingly popular Fortnite survival game on their mobile devices are being targeted left and right with malicious apps masquerading as the …

Gaming the system for a better experience

I play a lot of video games and one of the things I’ve noticed is that when you first start playing, the game often keeps you from venturing into places where you’re likely to …

Anti-piracy tech firm Denuvo inadvertently leaks sensitive info

Denuvo Software Solutions has suffered an embarrassing and potentially damaging information leak. Denuvo is an Austrian company well known for its anti-tamper technology and …

Pokemon Go
Bogus Pokémon GO guide app roots Android devices

The popularity of Pokémon GO is apparently on the wane, but there are still more than enough players to make it a good lure for cyber crooks. In fact, fake apps like the …

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