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IT pros targeted with malicious Google ads for PuTTY, FileZilla

An ongoing malvertising campaign is targeting IT administrators looking to download system utilities such as PuTTY (a free SSH and Telnet client) and FileZilla (a free …

Google ads
Google ads for KeePass, Notepad++ lead to malware

Users using Google to search for and download the KeePass password manager and the Notepad++ text editor may have inadvertently gotten saddled with malware, says Jérôme …

Google ads
Google ads increasingly pointing to malware

The FBI has recently warned the public about search engine ads pushing malware diguised as legitimate software – an old tactic that has lately resulted in too many …

Knowledge graphs: The secret of Google Search and now XDR

Wading through waves of alert noise to find real threats and manually connecting the dots to find context in real-time attacks are essential capabilities in today’s …

How Google applies Europe’s Right to Be Forgotten

Five years ago, after a landmark ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Google began receiving, evaluating and acting upon requests to delist certain URLs …

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