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185,000+ vulnerable Wi-Fi cameras just waiting to be hijacked

A generic wireless camera manufactured by a Chinese company and sold around the world under different names and brands can be easily hijacked and/or roped into a botnet. The …

Netgear R8000
Can your Netgear router be hijacked? Check now!

Yesterday, researcher Simon Kenin of Trustwave SpiderLabs released information about an authentication bypass flaw affecting a wide variety of Netgear routers, as well as PoC …

Malvertising campaign compromises routers instead of computers

The DNSChanger exploit kit is back and more effective than ever, and is being used in a widespread malvertising attack whose goal is to compromise small/home office routers. …

Icarus takes control of drones by impersonating their operators

Researcher Jonathan Andersson, a member of Trend Micro’s TippingPoint DVLabs, has demonstrated how a specialized hardware module dubbed Icarus can be used to hijack a …

Beware of browser hijacker that comes bundled with legitimate software

Lavians, a “small software vendor team,” is packaging its offerings with a variant of browser-hijacking malware The company sells and offers for free …

match fire
Critical ScreenOS bugs allow undetectable decryption of VPN connections, device hijacking

Juniper Networks has discovered and patched a critical, high-impact vulnerability affecting ScreenOS on its NetScreen devices, and is advising customers to update their …

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