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Europe’s IT and business services market propelled by growing cloud-based services adoption

Growing adoption of cloud-based services is propelling the expansion of the European IT and business services market, with the region setting a new record for as-a-service …

Outsourcing cloud management driven by increasingly complex IT environments

Enterprises across the globe are turning to cloud outsourcing providers to manage their private and hybrid cloud infrastructure because of increasingly complex IT …

What drives SDN adoption?

U.S. enterprises are looking to software-defined networking (SDN) providers to help them increase their agility and flexibility and enable remote working after the COVID-19 …

ISG expands global cybersecurity unit to help clients tackle with cyberattacks

Information Services Group (ISG) launched an expanded global cybersecurity unit to help clients contend with the growing threat of cyberattacks in an increasingly connected …

Enterprises move on from legacy approaches to software development

Application development and maintenance services in the U.S. are evolving to meet changing demands from enterprises that need dynamic applications with rich user interfaces, …

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