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What can we expect from January’s Patch Tuesday?

You know how sometimes you look at the weekend forecast on Thursday morning and you see that it will be sunny until early next week and then you look out the window to see it …

Keep unexpected holiday security surprises to a minimum

The chilly weather is setting in here in the northern hemisphere, and as we get ready for the holidays many of us are gathering round a cheery fire. But not everyone is …

November Patch Tuesday forecast: .NET, Adobe, Firefox and more

Fall is upon us and the holidays are right around the corner! But before we continue shopping, we need to cover a few security topics for this month. KRACK vulnerability The …

In wake of recent attacks, it’s time to revisit your patch policy

Hurricanes hammered the United States last month and cyber attacks continue to rain down throughout the world. The EternalBlue v1SMB vulnerability continues to be a focus of …

Building a strong cybersecurity program for the long haul

Patch Tuesday is approaching and there is a chance it might be a boring one. Hopefully, I didn’t jinx things by saying that, but I think most of what we’ll see is a bit of …

Viral phishing scams and vulnerabilities: What to watch out for this Patch Tuesday

I am about to head to Las Vegas for Ivanti’s Interchange 2017 at The Mirage hotel and feeling a bit in a gambling mood, so I am going to take a shot at this month’s forecast …

Windows 10
Windows 10 adoption is accelerating, many concerns remain

The vast majority of IT organizations (91%) have installed Windows 10, but there is still great variation in the current level of Windows 10 adoption, according to a new …

Microsoft cloud
Compared to last month’s Patch Tuesday, April will be a light drizzle

March saw a sizable release from Microsoft after a missed Patch Tuesday. Any way about it, April will be a lighter month than March. Windows 10 1703 has officially released to …

By the end of March no one will remember that Microsoft missed a Patch Tuesday

Like the weather in Minnesota, the March Patch Forecast is unpredictable at best. Be prepared for turbulent times interspersed with moments of calm. Will March Patch Tuesday …

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