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Security improvements primary reason for Windows 10 migration

Migration to Windows 10 is expected to be faster than previous OS adoption, according to a survey by Gartner. The survey showed that 85 percent of enterprises will have …

Windows 10
Is your Windows 10 migration strategy leaving you vulnerable?

Despite enhanced security being a key driver in the move to Windows 10, many organizations are putting their security at risk with their choice of migration strategy, …

Intel CPU
Researchers bypass ASLR by exploiting flaw in Intel chip

Researchers have found a design flaw in the branch predictor, a component of Intel’s Haswell processor, and have exploited it to bypass ASLR (Address Space Layout …

OS analysis tool osquery finally available for Windows

Nearly two years after Facebook open sourced osquery, the social networking giant has made available an osquery developer kit for Windows, allowing security teams to build …

New home router OS tackles firmware shortcomings

Untangle announced the release of a new operating system for consumer Wi-Fi routers at DEF CON 24. Router hardware has evolved and improved over the years, but its firmware …

subgraph os
Subgraph OS: Open source, hardened OS that prioritizes security and anonymity

Subgraph, an open source security company based in Montreal, has published the alpha release of Subgraph OS, which is designed to with security, anonymity AND usability in …

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