Highest paying IT certifications in 2021

A report on the skills and salaries of professionals in the technology sector reveals the true value of certification. It also identifies the number one reason for leaving a job is a lack of career growth and professional development.

Highest paying IT certifications

Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is encouraging leaders to embrace professional development and certification, both in terms of the value to the organization and to their employees.

Based on an annual survey of 3,700 professionals, the Global Knowledge report revealed the highest paying IT certifications for 2021. This reflects the demands of global employers in areas such as data engineering, cloud architecture and cybersecurity.

Of the 15 top-paying certifications revealed by the survey, 27 percent were new this year. It reflects the evolving needs of businesses and the essential role of certification in providing employees with a tangible career path.

Neil McGough, General Manager of Questionmark, said: “Employees set great store by clear commitments from employers to long-term career development. Corporate training and development that leads to meaningful and relevant certification is a sure-fire way to build trust and loyalty. It also helps gain that corporate edge that employers need more than ever.”

Employers can create certification programs that build competence across the workforce as well as demonstrating a long-term commitment. Awarding certificates for acquiring the right blend of modern skills is a visible way to reward employees for their commitment and tangibly track their progress.

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