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Vulnerabilities in Nucleus NET TCP/IP stack could lead to real-world damage

Researchers have unearthed 13 vulnerabilities affecting the Nucleus NET TCP/IP stack and have demonstrated how attackers could exploit them to cause serious real-world damage. …

How prepared are SMBs to recover from disaster?

The vast majority of SMBs both expect the unexpected and feel that they’re ready for disaster – though they may not be, Infrascale reveals. Ninety-two percent of SMB …

Urgent11 flaws affect more medical, industrial devices than previously thought

When, in late July, Armis researchers revealed the existence of the so-called Urgent11 vulnerabilities in Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system, they noted …

200 million enterprise, industrial, and medical devices affected by RCE flaws in VxWorks RTOS

Armis researchers have discovered 11 vulnerabilities (including 6 critical RCE flaws) in Wind River VxWorks, a real-time operating system used by more than two billion devices …

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