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J. Wolfgang Goerlich
Strategies for cultivating a supportive culture in zero-trust adoption

In this Help Net Security interview, Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO at Cisco, discusses the benefits of implementing a mature zero-trust model for both security and business …

zero trust
Federal agencies gear up for zero trust executive order deadline

Federal agencies are prepared to meet the zero trust executive order requirements from the Biden Administration with just over a year until the deadline, according to …

The future of SOCs: Automation where it matters

Sophisticated attacks, remote work needs and rapidly changing technologies challenge organizations to manage IT security while containing costs and using overburdened staff. …

40% of enterprises don’t include business-critical systems in their cybersecurity monitoring

Logpoint has announced findings from a recent poll to uncover the security and cost implications enterprises face with their existing IT infrastructure. The poll was targeted …

The evolution of security analytics

As networks continue to evolve and security threats get more complex, security analytics plays an increasingly critical role in securing the enterprise. By combining software, …

2022 promises to be a challenging year for cybersecurity professionals

I am very glad to turn the page on 2021, however, I am not optimistic that 2022 will be remarkably better. I am hopeful that President Biden’s Executive Order 14028 and the …

cloud complexity
The 3 Rs of visibility for any cloud journey

Dealing with an incident requires not just prompt notification of the incident, but the ability to triage the cause of the incident, the ability to carry out forensics, …

How building a world class SOC can alleviate security team burnout 

For security leaders, building a mature Security Operations Center is about establishing robust processes that bring teams and technology together for success. Yet many SOC …

How do I select a SOAR solution for my business?

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) products offer an appealing solution, promising efficiencies in detecting and responding to threats. However, …

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