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Phishing PyPI users: Attackers compromise legitimate projects to push malware

PyPI, the official third-party software repository for Python packages, is warning about a phishing campaign targeting its users. “We have additionally determined that …

Defeating typosquatters: Staying ahead of phishing and digital fraud

It has become a mantra for businesses targeted by hackers to describe the incident as a “sophisticated cyber-attack”. Although true in some instances, the reality is that most …

760+ malicious packages found typosquatting on RubyGems

Researchers have discovered over 760 malicious Ruby packages (aka “gems”) typosquatting on RubyGems, the Ruby community’s gem repository / hosting service. The …

Lookalike domains: Artificial intelligence may come to the rescue

In the world of network security, hackers often use lookalike domains to trick users to unintended and unwanted web sites, to deliver malicious software into or to send data …

How programmers can be tricked into running bad code

Are programming language package managers vulnerable to typosquatting attacks? And can these attacks result in software developers running potentially malicious code? The …

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