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Researchers find shift in monthly web traffic amidst pandemic

There have been shifts in total web traffic broken down by the world’s largest industries as the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded over the past several weeks, according to …

Should free internet access be considered as a human right?

Free internet access must be considered as a human right, as people unable to get online – particularly in developing countries – lack meaningful ways to influence …

binary bomb
Year-over-year malware volume increased by 64%

The most common domains attackers use to host malware and launch phishing attacks include several subdomains of legitimate sites and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) such as …

online shop owned
Online skimming: An emerging threat that requires urgent awareness and attention

A growing threat that all merchants and service providers should be aware of is web-based or online skimming. These attacks infect e-commerce websites with malicious code, …

Most interesting trends on cloud service and web usage

Cloud services account for 85% of all enterprise web traffic, signaling a need for enterprises to adopt a holistic approach to securing the cloud and web, a Netskope Cloud …

Every year, millions of web domains are registered to defraud businesses

The growth of fraudulent domains corresponds to the growth of the overall domain landscape, according to Proofpoint. Between Q1 and Q4 2018, registrations of fraudulent …

BEC-style attacks exploded in Q4 2018

Email remains the top vector for malware distribution and phishing, while BEC fraud continues to grow rapidly, Proofpoint warns in its Q4 2018 Threat Report. “The number …

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