Microsoft releases privacy and security guide for policy makers

Microsoft released the third volume of its popular policymaker booklet, Building Global Trust Online, which includes considerations and guidance for a number of new safety-related topics, including combating human trafficking, online bullying and botnets.

You can download, print, and distribute the guide as a 90-page brochure, in individual sections, or as two-page topical guides. Each two-page guide includes a list of resources and links to websites that provide additional support.

Each topic in the guide contains an issue overview; a summary of Microsoft’s response to the issue, including technology products, services, and global collaborations, as well as a list of helpful resources and links for further reading and support.

Topics addressing cybersecurity include:

  • Cyber Security – an Overview
  • Cybersecurity Norms
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Collective Defense: Applying Public Health Models to Internet Security, and
  • Combating Botnets.

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