Targeted attack prevention in cloud email and messaging systems

GreatHorn announced the launch of the GreatHorn Threat Platform (GTP) at RSA Conference 2017.

The Threat Platform extends the capabilities of the company’s cloud-native communication security platform, enabling organizations to tap into the threat data, machine-learning, and automated response framework that underpins GreatHorn’s threat detection and response solutions for social engineering, phishing, and targeted attack prevention in cloud email and messaging systems.

91% of targeted attacks begin with social engineering tactics, making the protection of email and messaging platforms a critical component of any cybersecurity platform; however, communications security at scale is complicated by hybridized cloud adoption and the integration of customized workload integrations with public SaaS communication platforms such as G Suite, Office 365, and Slack.

GreatHorn’s existing products provide real-time post-perimeter security for these SaaS platforms; the GTP will enable enterprises to also protect themselves in both custom and emerging cloud systems without compromising the efficiency and collaboration benefits they offer.

Built upon the same foundation of big data and machine learning that powers GreatHorn’s email and messaging security products, the GTP provides continuous access to intelligence on both emergent and historical threats.

It provides security and IT teams with the ability to:

  • Programmatically query the GreatHorn Data Cloud to determine if a message is suspicious based on source, type, content, or relationship
  • Automatically identify malware, ransomware, and malicious content within messaging systems
  • Identify anomalous communication patterns both within a single organization’s messaging workflows and globally via the GreatHorn Threat Platform
  • Interactively analyze specific messages for indicators of threat and/or social engineering
  • Monitor messages for common compromise techniques including display-name spoofing, domain look-alike attacks, and authentication fraud
  • Apply automated risk appropriate incident response
  • Quickly integrate hybrid and new email systems into the GreatHorn protection framework.

GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien demonstrated GreatHorn and the GTP’s ability to catch low-volume, highly targeted phishing attacks during the RSA Innovation Sandbox Contest.

RSA Conference 2017

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