New infosec products of the week: March 1, 2019

SecBI launches new solution to help MSSPs maximize their productivity and scalability

SecBI announced an automated threat detection and response solution designed to help managed security service providers (MSSPs) maximize their productivity and scalability. The SecBI MSSP offering automates both threat hunting, based on comprehensive network traffic analysis, and breach response.

Egress releases new software to enhance protection against email data breaches

Egress Risk-based Protection and Egress Smart Authentication determine the actual risk of a data breach as information is sent and accessed via email, to ensure the right security is applied. Both solutions tackle a common problem with security tools: that one-size-fits-all approaches often leave users frustrated or don’t ensure adequate security is applied to sensitive data.


GreatHorn protects users from the large variety of Microsoft and Google credential theft attacks

GreatHorn announced the capability to analyze and assess the authenticity of Office 365 and G Suite login pages embedded in emails received by users. The new release further protects GreatHorn users from the large variety of Microsoft and Google credential theft attacks that have increased in volume and sophistication over the past year.

ThreadFix 3.0 provides an understanding of overall risk to business operations

The ThreadFix architecture has been substantially modernized, and now provides a microservices-based application that will help organizations handle significantly larger data sets and more frequent data upload volumes from DevOps CI/CD pipelines. The new architecture will assure smoother deployment and scales horizontally by deploying additional containers for services that are proving to be bottlenecks.

SentinelOne releases full remote shell capabilities for remote endpoint attack query and response

SentinelOne released full remote shell capabilities, providing security and IT operations teams unparalleled technology in identifying, assessing and remediating endpoint attacks across the enterprise, regardless of the comprised endpoint’s location.

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