New infosec products of the week: May 13, 2022

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from Cohesity, ForgeRock, iDenfy, Nasuni, Orca Security, SecureAge, and Sonatype.

infosec products May 2022

SecureAge CatchPulse safeguards enterprises against complex security threats

CatchPulse provides always-on, real-time protection to catch threats by simply blocking all unauthorised applications, processes or scripts from executing. It helps organisations stay one step ahead of unknown threats and offers a simple experience for users of all levels, from novice home users to IT professionals.

infosec products May 2022

Nasuni Ransomware Protection defends critical business data against ransomware attacks

Nasuni announced Nasuni Ransomware Protection, a new add-on service to the latest release of the Nasuni File Data Platform that offers an in-line ransomware edge detection capabilities for file data. The new service gives businesses confidence that their file data can not only be quickly recovered following an attack, but that they can now detect live attacks and reduce the time and resources needed to uncover the source of the threat.

infosec products May 2022

ForgeRock Autonomous Access prevents identity-based cyber attacks and fraud

Autonomous Access uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor login requests in real time, blocking malicious attempts and adding authentication steps when it detects anomalous behaviors.

infosec products May 2022

Orca Security unveils Shift Left Security capabilities to prevent cloud application issues

Orca Security announced a cloud security solution to provide context-aware Shift Left Security for cloud infrastructure and applications. Orca’s new command-line interface (CLI) called Orca CLI enables developers and DevOps teams to scan locally hosted images and IaC templates, view results directly in developer tools, and surface findings within the Orca platform.

infosec products May 2022

Sonatype launches solution to remediate malicious and outdated InnerSource components

Sonatype announced a capability focused on identifying and remediating InnerSource components that contain vulnerable, malicious, or outdated open source dependencies. With InnerSource Insight, developers can manage their InnerSource components, see what open source packages they’re dependent on, remediate concerns immediately, and identify safe upgrade paths that won’t break builds.

infosec products May 2022

iDenfy introduces Business Verification platform to help customers detect bogus companies

iDenfy’s Business Verification services will offer custom automatizations in one API, helping businesses to screen other companies and detect criminal activity. According to the images, iDenfy distinguishes whether it is a dormitory, a residential house, a commercial premise, or a luxury office. The new Business Verification services even determine the company’s office rental price.

infosec products April 2022

Cohesity FortKnox helps organizations combat sophisticated attacks and accelerate recovery

Cohesity released Cohesity FortKnox — a SaaS data isolation and recovery solution, adding to the company’s Data Management as a Service portfolio of offerings that run on AWS. It is designed to provide an additional layer of off-site protection while simplifying operations and lowering costs compared to magnetic-tape and self-managed data vaults.

infosec products May 2022

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