Kali Linux 2022.4 released: Kali NetHunter Pro, desktop updates and new tools

Offensive Security has released Kali Linux 2022.4, the latest version of its popular penetration testing and digital forensics platform.

Kali Linux 2022.4

New tools in Kali Linux 2022.4

Aside from updates to existing tools, a new Kali version always delivers new tools. This time around it’s:

  • bloodhound.py – A Python based ingestor for BloodHound
  • certipy – Tool for Active Directory Certificate Services enumeration and abuse
  • hak5-wifi-coconut – A user-space driver for USB Wi-Fi NICs and the Hak5 Wi-Fi Coconut sniffer
  • ldapdomaindump – Active Directory information dumper via LDAP
  • peass-ng – Privilege escalation tools for Windows and Linux/Unix* and MacOS
  • rizin-cutter – A reverse engineering platform powered by the rizin framework

Kali NetHunter news

Kali NetHunter, the distro’s mobile (Android) pentesting platform, now has internal Bluetooth support and added support for some devices, as well as other improvements.

There’s also the new Kali NetHunter Pro – “a ‘true’ Kali Linux on the mobile phone” – supporting the Pine64 PinePhone and PinePhone Pro open source smartphones, which allow the user to have full control over the device.

“First of all we make available SD card images for the PinePhone and the PinePhone Pro to dual boot alongside the main OS. Soon we will release alternative versions with Plasma Mobile as well as installers so you can install Kali NetHunter Pro onto the internal flash memory,” the devs shared.

Other changes

Kali Linux 2022.4 comes with a new version of the GNOME desktop environment (with shell updates, a new text editor, and new themes) and a new version of the KDE Plasma desktop environment (with tweaked widgets).

There are also some updates to Kali (for) ARM, Kali images for some new platforms (generic cloud, QEMU VM), and Kali has been added to the Microsoft Azure store.

Download Kali Linux 2022.4

Kali Linux 2022.4 can be downloaded or you can update your existing installation to this version.

Check out Offensive Security’s blog post for more details about the new release.

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