Unraveling the importance of software supply chain security

The software supply chain encompasses the entire lifecycle of a software product, from its conception and development to its distribution and deployment. It involves a complex network of suppliers, vendors, developers, integrators, and users, making it susceptible to many potential threats.

One of the key challenges in the software supply chain is the growing reliance on third-party components and dependencies, especially in open-source software. While these components can accelerate development and innovation, they also introduce new risks. A single vulnerable component can cascade into widespread vulnerabilities, affecting countless applications and systems.

In this Help Net Security round-up, we present parts of previously recorded videos from experts in the field that explore the critical topic of software supply chain security.

Complete videos

  • Dan Lorenc, CTO at Chainguard, talks about the Sigstore project and how it was used to secure the Kubernetes 1.24 release.
  • Kevin Bocek, VP of Security Strategy and Threat Intelligence, Venafi, discusses how CIOs are becoming increasingly concerned about the serious business disruptions, revenue loss, data theft, and customer damage that can result from successful software supply chain attacks.
  • Tim Mackey, Head of Software Supply Chain Risk Strategy at Synopsys, discusses supply chain security practices and approaches.
  • Andy Zollo, Regional VP of EMEA at Imperva, talks about how organizations can assess and mitigate cyber risks within their supply chain.

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