Why backup matters more than ever

Often overlooked but critically essential, backup lies at the core of data security and business continuity. However, data is also susceptible to a myriad of threats, ranging from hardware failures and accidental deletions to malicious cyberattacks. Whether you’re an individual safeguarding cherished memories or a multinational corporation managing vast databases, the importance of backup cannot be overstated.

In this Help Net Security round-up, we present segments from previously recorded videos in which security experts talk about the vital role that backups play in safeguarding our digital assets, ensuring business continuity, and providing peace of mind in an age where data is more vulnerable than ever before.

Complete videos

  • Jon Fielding, Managing Director at Apricorn, talks about a survey of thousands of Twitter (X) users, around their personal and corporate data and backup habits, processes and procedures.
  • Eric Seidman, Senior Director Product Marketing at Veritas Technologies, talks about improving the efficiency of enterprise backup.
  • David Boland, VP of Cloud Strategy at Wasabi Technologies, discusses best practices for implementing a proper backup strategy.

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