New infosec products of the week: June 7, 2024

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from Appdome, SailPoint, Tines, Trend Micro, Verimatrix, and Zyxel Networks.

infosec products June 2024

Zyxel Networks USG LITE 60AX improves network security

Zyxel Networks launched USG LITE 60AX–an AX6000 WiFi 6 Security Router designed for small businesses, teleworkers, and MSPs. The USG LITE 60AX gives small businesses peace of mind thanks to subscription-free, threat management capabilities. This in-built offering protects organizations against common cyber threats such as ransomware and malware, as well as other intrusions.

infosec products June 2024

Trend Micro Inline NDR enhances threat detection and response

Inline NDR is the latest innovation from Trend Vision One, the full-spectrum SOC platform designed to accelerate investigations by surfacing the highest priority alerts and automating complex response actions. This empowers SOC analysts with near real-time actions – empowering teams to react faster to contain threats before they can cause the organization lasting damage.

infosec products February June

SailPoint Risk Connectors helps organizations identify and act on risks

As part of its Atlas platform, SailPoint Risk Connectors makes it easier for organizations to make informed access decisions based on an identity’s third-party risk scores. With the third-party risk score assigned to identities, organizations can use automation to adapt access according to risk, ensure least-privilege access, and enhance their overall security posture.

infosec products June 2024

Appdome SDKProtect reduces third-party mobile supply chain risk

Appdome SDKProtect is designed to end third-party, mobile supply chain risk and democratize mobile threat intelligence and telemetry data among mobile SDK developers. The new service enables mobile SDK developers to create protected and threat-aware versions of their mobile SDKs, reducing fraud and ensuring compliance.

infosec products June 2024

Verimatrix XTD Accessibility Abuse Detector identifies Android mobile app threats

Verimatrix XTD and its suite of cybersecurity solutions have been helping customers identify Android mobile app threats such as tampering and abuse of Android’s accessibility feature for many years.

infosec products June 2024

Tines’ AI features enhance workflow automation for security and IT teams

Tines’ new AI features enhance existing benefits within its workflow automation platform by addressing key challenges security and IT teams consistently face. These benefits include optimized workload management, enhanced tool connectivity, improved error reduction, alert management and data accuracy, and smarter collaboration.

infosec products June 2024

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