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CISOs confront mounting obstacles in tracking cyber assets

Monitoring assets in ever-changing settings operating in both development and production stages presents challenges. In this Help Net Security video, Daniel Deeney, CEO at …

Future-proofing asset and vulnerability intelligence in response to CISA’s BOD 23-01

Modern environments have become more dynamic and the need for equally progressive asset discovery techniques has intensified. The new Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security …

CISA orders federal agencies to regularly perform IT asset discovery, vulnerability enumeration

A new directive issued by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is ordering US federal civilian agencies to perform regular asset discovery and …

How a cyber asset management strategy can help enterprises detect threats

Whether it’s through stolen credentials, phishing attacks, or simply user errors, people continue to pose the greatest risk to cybersecurity. While behavioral attacks are …

Critical infrastructure and industrial orgs can test Azure Defender for IoT for free

Azure Defender for IoT – Microsoft’s new security solution for discovering unmanaged IoT/OT assets and IoT/OT vulnerabilities – is now in public preview and …

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