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Photos: BSidesLjubljana 0x7E7

BSidesLjubljana 0x7E7 is taking place today at the Computer History Museum, and Help Net Security is on site. Here’s a look at the event featuring Solar Designer …

BSidesLjubljana 0x7E7 CFP is still open!

BSidesLjubljana 0x7E7, a non-profit conference organized by the information security community, will take place on June 16, 2023, at the C111 Computer Museum. The deadline for …

BSidesLjubljana 0x7E2 CFP is now open!

BSidesLjubljana 0x7E2, taking place on March 10th 2018, is looking for speakers, sponsors and everyone in between. This is an amazing community-focused event, led by a group …

Deception security doesn’t have to be onerous or expensive

When talking about deception security, most infosec pros’ mind turns to honeypots and decoy systems – additional solutions that companies have to buy, deploy, and …

Reinventing software patching, curing big security holes

Today’s security updates are too big, too risky and too late. It is common for enterprises to thoroughly test security updates and install them several months after they have …

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