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The Great Hack
Review: The Great Hack

Data is the most valuable asset/resource on Earth. Still, we have little or no control over who is exploiting ours without our consent. That is what the authors, Jehane …

Twitter sold data access to Cambridge Analytica-affiliated researcher

Dr Aleksandr Kogan, the academic behind the personality quiz app that harvested Facebook information of 80+ million people, has also had access to a random sample of public …

Malicious actors used Facebook’s own tools to scrape most users’ public info

Facebook has disabled a search tool that allowed anyone to enter a person’s phone number or email address into Facebook and find their account, along with all the information …

Cambridge Analytica
Cambridge Analytica and Facebook’s privacy storm: Latest developments

A day before the most recent exposé on Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL)/Cambridge Analytica’s exploitation of user data syphoned out of Facebook to fuel …

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