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Building security into DevOps versus bolting it on

In this podcast, Hari Srinivasan, Director of Product Management for Qualys, talks about building security into DevOps versus bolting it on, specifically for containers. …

George Gerchow, CSO at Sumo Logic: Our DevSecOps strategy

Sumo Logic was founded in 2010 by experts in log management, scalable systems, big data, and security. Today, their purpose-built, cloud-native service analyzes more than 100 …

Preventing good containers from going bad

Containers go bad everyday, and often without warning. All it takes is one CVE impacting an image, and now all containers deployed using this image are at an increased level …

Enterprise container security: There’s room for improvement

With companies such as Facebook, Netflix and Google heralding the use of containers for their agility, portability, and cost benefits – enterprises are following suit. …

Red Hat containers
Container security: The seven biggest mistakes companies are making

As enterprises increase adoption of containers, they also risk increasing the number of mistakes they make with the technology. Given that many companies are still wrapping …

Keys, tokens and too much trust found in container images

We are all aware of the risks introduced by good old third party code. Where would we be without it? Apparently not very far. It is estimated that between 30 to 70 percent of …

Qualys Container Security: Discover, track, and secure containers

Qualys announced a new solution that extends its single-pane visibility and continuous security to the new and growing virtualization environment of Docker containers, and …

Red Hat containers
Container Health Index: Red Hat’s standard for trusted containers

Red Hat introduced the Container Health Index, which provides a comprehensive image detail of any enterprise container service. The index grades all of Red Hat’s containerized …

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