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Alert fatigue puts pressure on security and development teams

Security practitioners are under a tremendous amount of pressure to secure today’s applications, according to Cycode. The research found that AppSec chaos reigns, with 78% of …

Raven: Open-source CI/CD pipeline security scanner

Raven (Risk Analysis and Vulnerability Enumeration for CI/CD) is an open-source CI/CD pipeline security scanner that makes hidden risks visible by connecting the dots across …

Cycode’s new software supply chain features identify vulnerabilities in all phases of the SDLC

Cycode has launched its software composition analysis (SCA) solution and the expansion of its platform to add static application security testing (SAST) and container …

Cycode raises $4.6M to launch source code control, detection and response solution

Enterprise security startup Cycode, pioneering the first-ever solution for source code control, detection and response, announced $4.6 million in seed funding. The round was …

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