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Rain Capital: Venture fund seeks to back cybersecurity companies led by women and minorities

A new venture fund that will focus on providing capital, strategy, critical resources and unique insights to early-stage cybersecurity companies in Silicon Valley has been …

To pay hackers’ ransom demands or to invest in more security?

One third of global business decision makers report that their organization would try to cut costs by paying a ransom demand from a hacker rather than invest in information …

Vulcan Cyber
Vulcan Cyber announces continuous vulnerability remediation platform and $4M seed round

Israeli startup Vulcan Cyber today announced $4 million in seed funding for its mission to eliminate the vulnerability remediation gap that unnecessarily exposes enterprises …

Financial services firms most adept at making balanced security investments

Cyber attacks cost financial services firms more to address and contain than in any other industry, and the rate of breaches in the industry has tripled over the past five …

Medigate announces $5.35M seed round to protect connected medical devices

Israeli startup Medigate today announced $5.35 million in seed funding for its mission to secure the use of the millions of connected medical devices on healthcare provider …

Axonius platform
Axonius announces $4M seed round to secure the explosion of connected devices

Israeli startup Axonius today announced $4 million in seed funding for its mission to secure and manage the growing billions of connected devices in use by businesses. Backing …

Highest European CISO salaries set to reach €1 million

Chief Information Security Officers supervise information systems for their organization, and are in charge of coming up with, proposing, and implementing workable solution …

EU to invest €450 million in cybersecurity research

The European Commission launched a new public-private partnership on cybersecurity that is expected to trigger €1.8 billion of investment by 2020. The EU cybersecurity …

Top drivers of investment in forensic data analytics

Cyber breaches and insider threats, which include malicious insiders stealing, manipulating or destroying data, are the fastest-growing risks according to executives and are …

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