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HECVAT toolkit helps higher education institutions assess cloud adoption risks

Higher education institutions are increasingly adopting cloud-based solutions in order to lower costs, improve performance and productivity, and increase flexibility and …

Secure 5G networks: EU toolbox of risk mitigating measures

EU Member States have identified risks and vulnerabilities at national level and published a joint EU risk assessment. Through the toolbox, the Member States are committing to …

Fraud prevents a third of businesses from expanding digital capabilities

Kount released a new research report on digital innovation and emerging fraud, which found that the most innovative businesses are also the ones facing the greatest fraud …

Most SMBs have not identified and documented cybersecurity threats

A majority of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do not have cybersecurity protection at the top of their agenda and are highly prone to risks and vulnerabilities, …

Yearly hidden costs of managing vendor risk? $3.8 million per healthcare provider

The inability to adequately assess and understand the risks that vendors pose is becoming incredibly costly to healthcare providers, according to a new report by Censinet and …

Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer
Microsoft’s Attack Surface Analyzer now works on Macs and Linux, too

Microsoft has rewritten and open-sourced Attack Surface Analyzer (ASA), a security tool that points out potentially risky system changes introduced by the installation of new …

Reimagining risk management to mitigate looming economic dangers

In a volatile market environment and with the edict to “do more with less,” many financial institutions are beginning efforts to reengineer their risk management …

A new taxonomy for SCADA attacks

Attacks aimed at SCADA networks are still much rarer than those targeting IT networks, but the number is slowly rising. And, according to Radiflow CTO Yehonatan Kfir, …

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