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IoT cybersecurity law
UK enacts IoT cybersecurity law

The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Act has come into effect today, requiring manufacturers of consumer-grade IoT products sold in the UK to stop …

If It's Smart, It's Vulnerable book
Introducing the book: If It’s Smart, It’s Vulnerable

All our devices and gadgets are going online, just like our computers did. But once we’ve successfully connected our devices to the internet, do we have any hope of keeping …

Should you risk buying your child smart toys currently on offer?

As the end-of-the-year holiday season approaches, many security researchers, consumer groups and even governments warn against buying specific products or, at least, to make …

kids smartwatch
German government bans children’s smartwatches, tells parents to destroy them

The Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), Germany’s regulatory agency for public utility companies, has categorized children’s smartwatches as spying …

Teledildonics maker Lovense fixes bug to delete recordings of user sessions from phones

Late last week, a Reddit user took to the popular discussion site to reveal that the app that is used to control remote control sex toys made by Lovense “seems to be …

Think twice before buying a smart toy for your child

For a while now, security researchers have been warning about the security and privacy dangers of many popular “smart” toys. While consumer protection …

CloudPets connected toys can be turned into remote surveillance devices

The CloudPets data breach saga continues, as Spiral Toys finally reported the breach to the California Attorney General’s Office. As a reminder: Leaked data provided to …

Fisher-Price Smart Toy
Security flaws discovered in smart toys and kids’ watches

Rapid7 researchers have unearthed serious flaws in two Internet of Things devices: The Fisher-Price Smart Toy, a “stuffed animal” type of toy that can interact …

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