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SSD security challenges: Which data sanitization methods are effective?

In recent years, a growing number of data breaches have resulted from the improper data removal and insecure storage of drives. Organizations face a myriad of internal and …

iStorage diskAshur Pro
Review: iStorage diskAshur Pro SSD

The iStorage diskAshur Pro SSD is the hard drive for users with security on their mind. This USB 3.0 device comes in various storage capacities, ranging from 128GB to 1TB, and …

Seagate Central
Your Seagate Central NAS could be hosting mining malware

If you have discovered cryptocurrency mining malware on your system, have removed it, and got compromised again without an idea about how it happened, it could be that the …

D-Link NAS
XSS flaw in D-Link NAS devices allows attackers to mess with your data

Security researcher Benjamin Daniel Mussler has unearthed an XSS flaw affecting seven D-Link NAS devices – a flaw which could allow attackers to access the devices and …

iStorage datAshur Pro
Review: iStorage datAshur Pro

Whenever I travel, I take data I might need with me on a secure USB flash drive. Ages ago, I would encrypt these files with GPG and move them to a generic USB drive. After …

hard drive
Mobile workforce exposes businesses to security vulnerabilities

U.S. business leaders are unprepared for the increased threat to information security that comes with flexible office environments. A Shred-it study shows that leaders are not …

Bug in surveillance app opens Netgear NAS systems to compromise

A security vulnerability in the ReadyNAS Surveillance Application can be exploited by unauthenticated, remote attackers to gain root access to Netgear NAS systems, Sysdream …

Seagate SSD
New Seagate 10GB/s SSD drive ideal for hyperscale data centers

Seagate unveiled a production-ready unit of the fastest single SSD demonstrated to date, with throughput performance of 10 GB/s. The unit, which is expected to be released …

cloud binary
Cloud Storage Security, A Practical Guide

Authors: Aaron Wheeler and Michael WinburnPages: 144 pagesPublisher: ElsevierISBN: 0128029307 Introduction Practically everybody keeps at least some of their data in the …

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