EMV Secure Remote Commerce Specification 1.0 released

EMVCo has released EMV Secure Remote Commerce Specification v1.0, which is available for free public download from the EMVCo website. The specification provides a foundation that will enable the processing of e-commerce transactions in a consistent, streamlined fashion across a variety of digital channels and devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and other connected devices. The publication of EMV SRC v1.0 follows a public consultation period on the draft specification in Q4 2018, which allowed as … More

Arista Networks expands cognitive campus portfolio

Arista Networks announced an expansion of the cognitive campus portfolio with unified wired and wireless campus edge products designed to address transitional changes as the enterprise moves to an IoT (Internet of Things)-ready campus. Extending EOS and CloudVision, Arista’s Cognitive Cloud Networking approach brings operational consistency and modern cloud principles to the enterprise campus. This approach, combined with key partnerships, helps reduce customer operational expenses through simplified architectures, data-driven analytics and segment-based security. With these … More

Whitebox Designer from Inside Secure protects cryptographic keys and operations

Inside Secure announced general availability of Whitebox Designer, its new software security tool that arms vehicle app developers, IoT device developers and OEMs with new levels of protection, reduced time to market, and simplified creation of crypto architectures. Reverse engineering and key extraction attacks can cause irreparable damage to reputations and sales. Developers know they must prioritize software security – but they often struggle with finding a proven and reliable security tool that meets their … More

Cequence Security detects and defends against attacks that exploit application vulnerabilities

Cequence Security, a provider of innovative application security solutions for today’s hyper-connected enterprises, announced it has expanded the capabilities of its Application Security Platform with a new security module – CQ appFirewall. This new module will leverage the intelligence of CQAI, the patented analytics engine within the platform, to automatically detect and defend against attacks that exploit known and unknown application vulnerabilities – and even eliminate the need for WAF signatures. The Cequence Application Security … More

Optiv launches new cloud threat monitoring and compliance as-a-service offering

Cloud services provide the speed and agility necessary for enterprises to transform business. However, the dynamic and intangible nature of cloud is challenging businesses to maintain full visibility of critical assets and effectively counter risks. To help organizations optimize and rationalize existing cybersecurity programs while hardening cloud security, Optiv Security, a global cybersecurity integrator delivering end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, announced its new Cloud Threat Monitoring and Compliance as-a-Service, the newest offering in Optiv’s recently announced Cyber-as-a-Service … More

New Onapsis service assesses SAP applications to identify critical risks

Onapsis, the leader in business-application cyber resilience, announced the industry’s first Business Risk Illustration assessment for business-critical applications. Onapsis’s Business Risk Illustration provides valuable insights into the existing risk posture of an organization’s SAP applications, custom code and systems. The assessment measures the severity of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities and the risk they pose to the business, providing compliance, IT and security leaders quantitative data that allows them to more effectively communicate business and cyber risk … More

A zero trust framework designed for the enterprise

Ping Identity announced its capabilities framework and practical guidance for adopting a Zero Trust security strategy. This framework provides reliable direction to companies in any stage of the Zero Trust maturity process to help enable a broad range of use cases and technology integrations. It also includes innovative ways to support secure access to anything, by anyone, from anywhere on any device. The Ping Identity model provides numerous starting points for architecting Zero Trust security … More

Zingbox IoT Command Center addresses security, management and optimization

Zingbox, the provider of the most widely deployed Internet of Things (IoT) lifecycle management solution, announced the availability of Zingbox IoT Command Center. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology, Zingbox IoT Command Center is the first solution of its kind encompassing the discovery and security of IoT devices as well as the management and optimization of the entire IoT lifecycle. “As a leader in the IoT security and analytics market, we always … More

Jazz Networks policy engine enables automated workforce cybersecurity training

Jazz Networks, an award-winning cybersecurity platform, announces that its newest release makes it the first of its kind to enable fully-customizable insider threat detection and response. Built to support the entire timeline of an attack, operators can now simultaneously detect unknown threats from unsupervised machine learning, known threats from its new policy engine, and automate their response actions for data-in-motion. Recently recognized as the winner of a US Cyber Command competition, Jazz Networks continues to … More

Synack introduces secure and managed workspaces with endpoint control

Synack, the most trusted crowdsourced security testing platform and top choice of major enterprises and governments, becomes the only crowdsourced penetration testing company to offer secure and managed workspaces with endpoint control. LaunchPoint+ extends Synack’s original LaunchPoint VPN offering by providing a managed workspace environment for crowdsourced testing of enterprise and government assets. In the midst of calls for greater consumer privacy from the European Commission to Apple, and states like NY and CA introducing … More

Imperva acquires Distil Networks

Imperva has signed an agreement to acquire Distil Networks. The acquisition reinforces Imperva’s market leadership in the application security market and furthers the company’s mission to protect business-critical data and applications no matter where or how they are deployed. “Distil Networks is a globally recognized leader in automated attack mitigation, and this deal perfectly aligns with our vision of delivering best-in-class cybersecurity solutions that protect businesses throughout their cloud journey,” said Chris Hylen, CEO of … More

Wandera Secure Access Layer preserves privacy for the end user while protecting mobile devices

Wandera, the leading mobile security company, announces new privacy functionality that further extends its endpoint solution to the network. The new Secure Access Layer preserves privacy for the end user while protecting mobile devices against zero-day threats, regardless of whether the device is managed or unmanaged, owned by the company or owned by the user; across all major operating systems. Organizations are struggling to manage mobile risk, particularly as the devices they seek to protect … More