New infosec products of the week: June 18, 2021

deepwatch MOBILE gives cybersecurity experts real-time visibility into their SOC

deepwatch MOBILE provides customers real-time insight into their Security Operations Center and timely threat intelligence delivered to their mobile phone. With deepwatch MOBILE, CISOs can view their SecOps activity, take action, and stay informed at all times, from anywhere.

infosec products June 2021

ShiftLeft allows users to validate the accuracy of ShiftLeft CORE using OWASP Benchmark

ShiftLeft has released a tool enabling businesses to independently benchmark and validate the accuracy of ShiftLeft CORE using the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Benchmark Project, a Java test suite designed to evaluate the accuracy of vulnerability detection tools.

infosec products June 2021

Kensington’s cross-platform solutions enable secure biometric authentication for any device

VeriMark Guard Fingerprint Keys feature end-to-end security with Match-in-Sensor Fingerprint Technology which isolates and secures all fingerprint data in the sensor, so only an encrypted match is transferred.

infosec products June 2021

Auth0 WebAuthn Passwordless enables end-users to log in with a biometric identifier

Auth0 WebAuthn Passwordless is an authentication feature that enables end-users to seamlessly log in with a biometric identifier — such as facial recognition or a fingerprint — as a convenient and secure alternative to a traditional password.

infosec products June 2021

Thales provides data security and identity protection capabilities through Google Workspace

Providing enhanced key management capabilities and identity protection, customers can benefit from improved regulatory compliance and data ownership by allowing them to maintain ownership of keys used to encrypt Google Workspace documents.

infosec products June 2021

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