Exploring the role of AI in cybersecurity

In this Help Net Security round-up, we present parts of previously recorded videos from experts in the field that discuss about how AI technologies will impact the cybersecurity industry in the next few years.

AI is a powerful tool in cybersecurity, adapting to emerging threats by analyzing data and improving detection. However, ethical considerations, privacy, and adversarial attacks must be addressed to maintain trust. AI will continue to play a vital role in safeguarding digital assets and maintaining a robust security posture.

Complete videos
  • Diego Pienknagura, VP of Growth & Global Operations at Inspectorio, talks about how the role of AI can be a driving force for the supply chain.
  • Liudas Kanapienis, CEO of Ondato, discusses the impact of AI on the future of ID verification and how it is transforming the way identities are being verified.
  • Matt Aldridge, Principal Solutions Consultant at OpenText Cyber Security, talks about how AI is truly exploding onto the scene in many different ways.
  • Leonid Belkind, CTO at Torq, talks about how AI will impact the cybersecurity industry in the next few years.
  • Peter Violaris, Head of Legal, Compliance and Risk, EMEA for OCR Labs, discusses generative AI’s impact on identity verification.

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