Anticipating and addressing cybersecurity challenges

In this Help Net Security round-up, we present excerpts from previously recorded videos in which security experts talk about how increased adoption of cloud technology, remote work, and the proliferation of IoT devices present significant challenges for organizations. To tackle them, cybersecurity professionals are increasingly focusing on incident response, multicloud security, and IoT protection.

They also discuss how AI is emerging as a valuable tool, but it presents its own set of problems, emphasizing the need for continuous adaptation and innovation of cybersecurity practices.

Complete videos

  • Chris Harris, EMEA Technical Director at Thales, talks about the cyber risks organizations face due to a growing use of the cloud and regular work from home.
  • Jane Wong, VP of Security Products at Splunk, talks about challenges organizations are facing to secure their multicloud environments.
  • Scott Sutherland, Senior Director, Adversary Simulation and Infrastructure Testing, NetSPI, discusses how, in order to stay ahead of malicious actors, organizations must shift their gaze to detect attackers before something bad happens.
  • Neil Jones, Director of Cybersecurity Evangelism at Egnyte, discusses how organizations can stay one step ahead of cybersecurity challenges.
  • Hubertus Grobbel, VP of Security Solutions at Swissbit, discusses the insecurity of IoT devices and offers tips on how to secure them.
  • Katie McCullough, CISO at Panzura, discusses the challenges of hybrid cloud storage security.
  • Tyler Young, CISO at BigID, explores AI’s challenges, triumphs, and future in cybersecurity.

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