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Are today’s organizations ready for the data age?

67% of business and IT managers expect the sheer quantity of data to grow nearly five times by 2025, a Splunk survey reveals. The research shows that leaders see the …

Epson AR glasses
First biometric authentication solution for consumer augmented reality headsets

Redrock Biometrics and Epson have partnered to bring PalmID to the MOVERIO Smart Glasses Platform as the first biometric authentication solution for a consumer AR headset. …

mobile devices
80% of smartphones will have on-device AI capabilities by 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) features will become a critical product differentiator for smartphone vendors that will help them to acquire new customers while retaining current …

virtual reality
Hacking virtual and augmented reality: Short-term FUD, long-term danger

I believe virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are on the cusp of mass success, and will dramatically change the way we use technology. However, with new technology …

DevSecOps to drive the digital imperative

Dan Hushon, CSC’s CTO, has identified six trends around the philosophy of DevSecOps that company leaders need to be thinking about to drive digital transformation. …

Consumer and business perspectives on IoT, augmented reality risks

As every business becomes a digital business, the spread of technology such as augmented reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices can add significant business value …

virtual reality
Augmented Reality market to experience explosive growth

The Augmented Reality market size at $659.7 million in 2015 is anticipated to reach $80.8 billion by 2022, according to ReportsnReports. The AR market goes from $659.7 million …

Pokemon Go
Playing Pokémon GO can lead to unexpected dangers

Interest in Pokémon GO, the mobile augmented reality game that has users going places in the real world to capture, train, and battle with virtual Pokemon, has exploded the …

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