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Is trading resilience for business growth a smart strategy?

Not long ago, the probability of a threat materializing was enough to open the IT pocketbook. Today, the mentality has shifted from one of risk prevention to one of risk …

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Enterprises increasingly leveraging endpoint data for security investigations

Code42 confirmed how critical it is for organizations to access and leverage endpoint data for additional uses above and beyond backup and recovery. Among 155 IT professionals …

New infosec products of the week​: May 5, 2017

Inside threat detection and alerting from Code42 Code42 introducted Inside Threat Detection to its enterprise data protection and security platform. By generating proactive …

Insider threat vs. inside threat: Redefining the term

The traditional meaning of “insider threat” is: a current employee or contractor who, intentionally or accidentally, misuses his or her authorized access to a secure network …

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