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Will fileless malware push the antivirus industry into oblivion?

The death of antivirus has been prophesied for years now, but the AV industry is still alive and kicking. SentinelOne, though, believes that in-memory resident attacks, i.e. …

Why companies shouldn’t feel helpless in the fight against ransomware

According to recent reports, ransomware is now a billion dollar business for cybercriminals. Attackers are honing in on the weak spots of organisations; human behaviour …

Should security vendors offer product guarantees?

A new Vanson Bourne survey of 500 businesses in the UK, US, France and Germany revealed that nine in ten companies want to see IT security vendors offer a guarantee on their …

Ransomware success creates apathy towards traditional antivirus software

In the last 12 months, 48 percent of organizations across the globe have fallen victim to a ransomware campaign, with 80 percent indicating that they’ve suffered from three or …

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