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Privacy Shield
European Commission presents EU-US Privacy Shield

The European Commission – the executive body of the European Union – issued the legal texts that will put in place the EU-US Privacy Shield, a new framework for …

San Francisco
CyberCalifornia initiative to facilitate research and innovation

More than ever, California stands at the forefront of new technologies based on the Internet of Things (IoT). We are also increasingly vulnerable, a fact underscored by …

NSA spied on world leaders, UN, EU officials

A set of highly classified documents recently published by WikiLeaks show how the NSA spied on a number of high ranking officials of the UN, UNHCR, WTO, NATO, the EU and …

Apple to US govt: Withdraw demand for iPhone unlocking, we all need to talk first

The battle between Apple and the US Justice Department continues, as the company still refuses to help the feds access the contents of a PIN-locked iPhone used by gunman Syed …

DHS releases guidelines for CISA-sanctioned cybersecurity information sharing

The US Department of Homeland Security has published guidelines on how the private sector and federal entities can share cyber threat indicators (CTIs) with the US federal …

8 key online fraud behaviors and patterns

Sift Science examined data from 1.3 million online transactions and profiles in various industries from August 2014 to August 2015. Data was cross-referenced with third-party …

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