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End-to-end encryption will be offered to all Zoom users

Zoom Video Communications has decided to extend the benefits of end-to-end encryption (E2EE) not only to paying Zoom customers, but to those who create free accounts, as well. …

Zoom to offer end-to-end encryption only to paying customers

As Zoom continues on its path to bring end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to users, the big news is that only paid users will have access to the option. “Free users for sure we …

Fake Microsoft Teams notification emails are hitting inboxes

Phishers are using fake Microsoft Teams notification emails to trick users into sharing their Microsoft Teams and Office 365 login credentials. “Should the recipient …

Google Hangouts Meet
Google Meet: Video meetings built on a secure foundation, soon free for everyone

Google Cloud today announced it’s making Google Meet, Google’s premium video-conferencing solution, free for everyone with availability rolling out over the coming …

video call
Which video call apps should you use if you care about privacy?

To help individuals and organizations choose video call apps that suit their needs and their risk appetite, Mozilla has released a new “Privacy Not Included” …

Phishers exploit Zoom, WebEx brands to target businesses

Proofpoint researchers have spotted and documented email phishing campaigns targeting US companies in a variety of industries with emails impersonating Zoom and Cisco (Webex). …

Will Zoom manage to retain security-conscious customers?

While Zoom Video Communications is trying to change the public’s rightful perception that, at least until a few weeks ago, Zoom security and privacy were low on their …

Google Hangouts Meet
Video conferencing for teams and consumers: What is the right choice for you?

Though some claim that this forced “work from home” situation has shown that many of the discussions that previously required office meetings can actually be …

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