Motorola Solutions adds new features to Ally cloud-based security software

Motorola Solutions announced new features for Ally, its cloud-based security software platform for enterprises in North America. Available now, the enhancements enable communication and real-time information-sharing for security teams. Created for private security companies as well as security teams at hospitals, schools, resorts, manufacturing plants and more, Ally streamlines the management, response and reporting of incidents ranging from an injured employee to more critical situations. “Safety and security are increasingly important in the private sector,” … More

Verint strengthens fraud reduction and improves investigations for financial institutions

Verint Systems continues to experience demand for its integrated solutions for the global banking market. Verint’s Security, Surveillance and Fraud Investigation offerings enable financial leaders to integrate fraud mitigation and risk management to streamline operations and realize stronger security postures. The banking environment faces a new risk paradigm—one that encompasses cyber and physical threats, such as ATM skimming, identity theft, data breaches, scams, and phishing. These types of threats can lead to losses, so banks … More

Verizon Digital Media Services adds managed security services to its Cloud Security Solution

Verizon Digital Media Services announced it has added a managed cloud security offering as part of its global Cloud Security Solution. The managed cloud security component provides access to security professionals who monitor and take corrective action against the security threats, no matter the time of day. The addition of this offering complements features previously available within Verizon Digital Media Services’ Cloud Security Solution, including a dual web application firewall (WAF), distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, … More

Fusion Risk Management expands risk management capabilities

Fusion Risk Management announced product enhancements that expand its risk management capabilities. Fusion’s most recent product release includes a new third-party management offering along with a solution for organizations to connect with internal and external communities. With these new enhancements, organizations now have the way to manage and mitigate risk to the perimeter of their enterprises and throughout their supply chain. “In today’s business environment, the success and reputation of an organization depends on their … More

HID Global acquires Crossmatch to expand in biometric identity management

HID Global announced that it has acquired Crossmatch from Francisco Partners. Crossmatch’s portfolio of products includes biometric identity management hardware and software that complement HID’s broad portfolio of trusted identity products and services, making HID Global provider of fingerprint biometric technologies. “Our acquisition of Crossmatch strengthens HID Global’s ability to offer innovative biometric identity solutions to hundreds of millions of users worldwide,” said Stefan Widing, President and CEO of HID Global. “Adding Crossmatch to our … More

WinMagic validates need for perpetual server encryption

WinMagic is encouraging enterprises to adopt server encryption as part of their regular data security strategy – even if those servers are behind lock and key. When it comes to server protection, many enterprises overlook physical security risks. The common myth surrounding servers is that because the servers are in a data center, or otherwise behind lock and key, and because the data is in perpetual use, encrypting the drives is unnecessary as the data … More

Masergy launches Secure Hybrid Networking for enterprises

Masergy introduces Secure Hybrid Networking, an evolution of the company’s network and security solutions. Masergy Secure Hybrid Networking lays the foundation for the digitally-enabled enterprises. With Masergy Secure Hybrid Networking, global enterprises benefit from: Integrated security – built-in support for network segmentation and a single secure premise device providing a security view across the entire global enterprise. Provides visibility across both network and security domains. Simplicity and agility – managed, plug and play secure device … More

Agari Fall ‘18 release completes automated email security solution powered by AI

Agari announced its Fall ‘18 release, a series of enhancements for the Agari Email Trust Platform — the industry’s automated email security solution powered by artificial intelligence. Agari Customer Protect, which safeguards domains, now offers automation and hosting for the three key elements of email authentication (DMARC, SPF, DKIM). Agari Enterprise Protect has extended its protection against email threats by adding URL analysis and behavioral models to protect against Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks that … More

Riskonnect announces new User Experience interface

Riskonnect announced the release of its new Riskonnect User Experience, RKUX. The enhancement delivers a user experience designed to help risk professionals work faster and smarter. “Enterprises need technology that makes it easier to see and mitigate the potential risks they’re facing,” said Andrea Brody, Riskonnect chief marketing officer. “We developed RKUX to deliver an easy-to-use platform that our customers can easily adopt and quickly experience enterprise-wide benefits without being mired down in technology.” Ahead … More

McAfee expands support for Amazon Web Services with new MVISION ePO on AWS

This new SaaS deployment gives organizations more time to dedicate their efforts on security concerns by eliminating the hardware, software and database maintenance tasks associated with on-premises management solutions. McAfee MVISION ePO is a SaaS solution that removes the deployment and maintenance overhead of backend infrastructure and allows customers to migrate their existing McAfee ePO environment. Organizations can focus on reducing security risk with the agility of AWS and always run the latest security capabilities. … More

PacketViper appoints Don Gray as Chief Technology Officer

PacketViper announced the appointment of Don Gray as Chief Technology Officer effective immediately. Gray will be responsible for the development of the PacketViper technology roadmap, harnessing his experience in cybersecurity software strategy and technology development. “We are thrilled to have Don Gray join our leadership team as Chief Technology Officer,” commented Francesco Trama, CEO and Founder. “Don has a wealth of industry knowledge and extensive experience creating security innovations that solve important problems for enterprises … More

Group-IB introduces Secure Bank, a solution for anti-fraud protection

Secure Bank is a product catered to financial institutions that aims to prevent client-side fraud and attacks across sessions, platforms, devices, channels, and entities. It leverages Group-IB’s experience in threat intelligence, signature, behavioral, and cross-channel analytics to detect threats invisible to transactional anti-fraud-systems. Financial services had the highest annualized cost of cybercrime in 2017 at $18.28M. The average cost of cybersecurity incidents involving online banking services accounts is $1.75M. Banks will likely continue as a … More