Offensive Security launches OffSec Flex, a new cybersecurity training program for enterprises

Offensive Security, the leading provider of hands-on cybersecurity training and certification, announced OffSec Flex, a new program for enterprises designed to simplify the cybersecurity training process and allow organizations to invest more in cybersecurity skills development. Organizations can now use OffSec Flex to purchase blocks of Offensive Security’s industry-leading practical, hands-on training, certification and virtual lab offerings, allowing them to proactively increase and enhance the level of cybersecurity talent available within their organizations. With Offensive … More

Stellar Cyber Starlight platform now integrates with Amazon’s VPC traffic mirroring

Stellar Cyber, a Silicon Valley-based security analytics provider, announced that its Starlight platform can immediately integrate with Amazon’s newly released VPC traffic mirroring, allowing Starlight customers to get raw traffic logs from AWS environments, then utilize its advanced machine learning and AI to detect, alert, and respond to anomalous behaviors. The RFC 7438 VXLAN capabilities that make this integration possible have been part of the company’s offerings since 2017. AWS’ new traffic mirroring validates Stellar … More

SoftwareAG launches webMethods Service Designer for building integrations and APIs

Software AG unveiled webMethods Service Designer, a lightweight integrated design and development tool for building integrations and APIs. This tool provides users free access with a one year trial license to develop Flow services, APIs and integrations using Eclipse and generate unit test cases for the purpose of DevOps automation. Lightweight and easy to install and set up, the download comes with a simplified view of the Service Development perspective coupled with VCS integration capabilities, … More

Ingram Micro’s cloud migration solution to help Microsoft’s SQL Server and Server 2008 users

For users of Microsoft’s SQL Server and Windows Server 2008, the end is near: Microsoft is actively winding down service for these servers, with support for its SQL Server slated to end entirely in July of this year, and for its Windows Server 2008 in January of 2020, leaving users’ critical data unprotected moving forward. Ingram Micro, a leading global provider of services that streamline and simplify server infrastructure design and management, is preparing its … More

Denim Group and WhiteSource to help customers manage their open source vulnerabilities

Denim Group, the leading independent application security firm, announced an integration with WhiteSource, the leader in open source security and license compliance management. This integration will allow WhiteSource customers to view and manage their open source security vulnerabilities from within ThreadFix, enabling them to improve security management with a comprehensive view of all of the software vulnerabilities in both their proprietary and open source code. Open source code comprises the backbone of today’s software development … More

PCI SSC unveils two new validation programs for software vendors and assessors

The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) announced two new validation programs for use by payment software vendors to demonstrate that both their development practices and their payment software products address overall software security resiliency to protect payment data. Under the Secure Software Lifecycle (Secure SLC) and Secure Software Programs, Software Security Framework Assessors will evaluate vendors and their payment software products against the PCI Secure SLC and Secure Software Standards. PCI SSC will list … More

Rambus CryptoManager Root of Trust expansion to address the security needs of applications

Rambus announced the expansion of the CryptoManager Root of Trust family of products, a series of fully programmable, hardware-level secure silicon IP cores to address the security needs of applications including IoT, AI, ML, cloud, government, military and automotive. CryptoManager cores employ a siloed architecture. They isolate and secure sensitive code, processes, and algorithms from the main processor cores. This mitigates the risk of critical vulnerabilities like the Meltdown and Spectre security flaws. The CryptoManager … More

CyberGRX Global Partner Program to accelerate CyberGRX’s expansion into the global market

CyberGRX, provider of the world’s first and largest global cyber risk exchange, announced the launch of The CyberGRX Global Partner Program. Arming partners with an innovative and cost-effective approach to third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM), the CyberGRX Global Partner Program will accelerate CyberGRX’s expansion into the global market and enable the company to scale quickly to meet demand. Whether a reseller, systems integrator or managed service provider, CyberGRX’s Global Partner Program will help connect organizations … More

Kount launches new AI-driven solution for transactional fraud prevention

Kount, the leading digital fraud prevention company, announced the next-generation AI-driven solution that changes the way payments fraud prevention is delivered. Kount is the pioneer in using machine learning in transactional fraud prevention, with supervised and unsupervised solutions dating back to the company’s inception over a decade ago. Kount’s latest advancement creates the closest simulation of the decision process of an experienced fraud analyst, yet in a faster, more accurate, and more scalable manner. Kount’s … More

Aporeto Cloud Identity Framework to bridge distributed on-premises and AWS workloads

Aporeto, a leader in Identity-Powered Cloud Security, announced the Aporeto Cloud Identity Framework, a suite of identity-based security services that allows consistent policy enforcement between homegrown enterprise applications and Amazon Web Services (AWS) managed services. This suite continues to expand the Aporeto identity-based security platform, which leverages both user and application identities to manage access to resources and cloud workloads on any infrastructure. Simplicity for complex identity architectures The security industry is moving toward using … More

FIDO Alliance releases new standards and certification initiatives in identity verification and the IoT

The FIDO Alliance announced two new standards and certification initiatives in identity verification and the Internet of Things (IoT). These initiatives build upon the Alliance’s ongoing focus on driving the efficacy and market adoption of FIDO Authentication by addressing adjacent technology areas that leave security vulnerabilities on the web. Specifically, the Alliance aims to strengthen identity verification assurance to support better account recovery, and automate secure device onboarding to remove password use from IoT. The … More

Jetico unveils cloud-based Central Manager for BestCrypt

Jetico, long-trusted pioneer in encryption software, announced the launch of Jetico Central Manager in the cloud, now available for BestCrypt Volume Encryption. Admins and Managed Service Providers gain control of disk encryption activities from anywhere without the need to configure and maintain a dedicated server. “The burden of managing disk encryption affects organizations of all sizes,” claims Jetico CEO, Michael Waksman. “Jetico’s cloud-based central management helps to empower even the smallest businesses, now free from … More